Tiny Tapir Baby Retail Shop – For Women

Here’s another look at the Retail shop, which a special emphasis on the “For Ladies” part of it…

Here’s our Cloth Pad gondola!  Actually we have even more pads than this… so we might need to add a 2nd gondola, although there’s so little space I’ve no idea how it will be done!

This is only part of the cloth pads available in our shop – I’m pretty sure we have the widest range of cloth pads available in Malaysia (or even Asia for that matter!).  It might be a little crazy, but all these brands are personally tried and tested (along with literally at least 100 of other brand pads) and we love these the best, and think they are some of the best cloth pads available out there.

Of course there are other great artisan cloth pad makers – but those are the ones who only make a limited number of pads, or 1 off pads so they usually do not wholesale their pads for sale – we suggest checking out Etsy or doing a google search on “cloth pads” to see the beautiful ranges that are out there.

There’s Honeybeehill hemp pads here, you can see the Cyclez AIOs, and also the Just Fussy Moonbows down the other side.


The fresh moon AIOs and the lay in systems.

All the pads are packed in individual plastic ziplock bags!  In order to save the use of unnecessary plastic, the plastic is just for display – once you’ve chosen your order we’ll actually remove the cloth pad from the plastic for you to take home – the plastic will be reused again for display purposes.

This helps keep the cloth pads clean and nicely displayed – but at the same time Tiny Tapir doesn’t want to add to even more unnecessary packaging which will just create more disposable rubbish waste, so that’s why we devised this system.

If you do want to keep the plastic (although there’s  hole in the top so it’s not very suitable for reusing even though it’s a ziplock bag), we ask that you pay the RM0.15 that it costs for us to buy the packaging.  Asking customers to pay for what they want to use in terms of packaging will help us keep unnecessary waste down – after all, these packagings are not really “free”, not to the environment and not to the shop as well.


Our La Leche bras on display.   La Leche Nursing bras are really comfortable – I actually use that Bandeau on the bottom right hand corner myself 😉


Bravado Bras (we haven’t finished displaying them so you can see some on the floor of the dressing room…).  Bravado have some really great designs and they are also super super comfortable.  Hey, you know this is the time of your life where you are really USING your breasts, don’t they deserve a little special comfort?

On the right is our dressing room – I love the oval mirror!  Yes, it’s from Ikea, but I still think it looks really lovely hung up in our green dressing room.

More peeks into the retail store coming soon


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