Tiny Tapir Retail Shop – Babywearing!

At Tiny Tapir we have a huge range of babywearing options, they take up almost an entire wall of our shop (plus more at the HQ at the Bungalow@Damai because there isn’t enough space in the Ampang Park shop!)


When you enter the shop straight away you will see the Moby Wraps – Petites, regular Moby Wraps and a small selection of the Organic Fabric Moby Wraps.  Wraps are so perfect for newborn babies because they maximise skin contact with the parent while keeping the baaby snug and feeling as if they are back in the womb.  They are the best thing for soothing new babies who are fussing.

Right next to the wraps are the Soft Structured Carriers.  I carefully did hours of research online to see which were best – especially for smaller sized asian mothers.  We have Pikkolo buckled carriers, the Ergo carrier and Angelpacks.

In between the display you’ll see our mannequin doing duty with a pink Littlepods pouch and Maschuka the Monkey Zoobie!

On the far gondala you’ll find the excellent structured and padded waist carrier – Scootababy (our personal favorite) and our collection of Mei Tais, from Ellaroos to Farid’s excellent Mei’s Mei Tai (home made in Malaysia!), our remaining Kozy Carrier stock and the newly released Littlepods SSC (also made in Malaysia).

babywearing shelf

Here you can see the Kozy Carrier mei tais next to the Patapum Baby & Patapum Toddler Carriers.

mama patch ring sling_700

Here we are at the far end of the babywearing display near the cashier’s counter.  The gorgeous Red ring sling is Chinnee’s Malaysian Made Mama Patch Ring Sling (love them!) and next to them are our Kangaroo Korner Pouches – they are made of fabulous stretchy mesh material, great for going to the beach or in the shower.


Opposite the babywearing display here’s our Pouch section.  Tiny Tapir stocks the Malaysian loved Littlepods pouch and Peekapouches – made by Jess, our local babywearing expert.  Jess’ Peeka-pouches look like they’re all black but they’re really not – that’s the inner cloth, the great colors are all on the inside (really must change that display).

Pouches are great for younger babies (faster than using a wrap) and are the quickest for in and out for babies and their parents.

So if you would like to know more about babywearing, I hope you can make it into Tiny Tapir at Ampang Park to try them all out in person.  Tiny Tapir has the widest range of babywearing options available in Malaysia and we’re happy to answer your questions as best we can about which would best suit your needs.

Babywearing can really be a lifesaver for a new mum, when your baby just doesn’t want to be put down but you need to get things done with one or both your hands free – babywearing is the answer.

For more about babywearing please check out the Malaysian Babywearing Forum

To see what’s listed on the Tiny Tapir online store please check here (note not all our carriers are listed online yet)


7 thoughts on “Tiny Tapir Retail Shop – Babywearing!

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  2. I’m already over-budget this month because of your BABY. Heheh… I’m in love with everything that you have there. Excepting cards already or not?

  3. hi Pauline, we do stock the Littlepods SSC and pods at Ampang Park.

    Haven’t had time to list them online yet. Sorry!

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