Baby Signs at Doodlebug – 24th May 10am

Great news! We will be hosting our first Baby Signs Parent workshop at Doodlebug on 24th May, Sunday at 10 am!

baby signs

Babies have a lot to say….even before they can actually speak. With the Original Baby Signs® Program, babies and toddlers can communicate what they see, what they need and even how they feel by using simple easy-to-do signs for words like “Eat”, “Milk” and “More”. Research has shown that the Baby Signs® Program decreases frustration, help babies talk sooner, enriches parent-child relationships, and boosts’ babies intellectual development.

The Parent Workshop is a one time, 2 hour instructional event designed to introduce parents (and parents to be), grandparents, and caregivers who would like to communicate with the baby in their life before they can talk, to the Baby Signs® Program of infant communication.

Learn to communicate better with your child, all at RM250 only (inclusive of materials) with the lady who is responsible in bringing in this wonderful program to Malaysia, Jamie Solomon!

Call Marsy at 012 3530501 and sign up today. Hurry, space is limited!


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