Rumparooz G2 debut in Malaysia – Giveaway!!

The first batch of G2 (2nd Generation) of Rumparooz one size pocket diapers are now stocked in Tiny Tapir.

snap solids_350

I love the new design, and the new fabrics are exceptional. Unlike a lot of PUL diapers, the waterproof fabric is very soft and not crinkly – it reminds me of the Grobaby fabric in its softness.  G2 - 1. Diaper Breakdown image - large

Looks like Rumparooz has got over their initial “bump” since scaling up from tiny WAHM business to a high quality international business.  These G2 Rumparooz are perfect!  We know a lot of parents in Malaysia already love the G1 Rumparooz diapers – wait till you see the G2s – you’ll be very VERY pleasantly surprised.  The feedback on these diapers overseas is fantastic too – a lot of the legacy issues with G1 diapers (the wrong inner materials, too stretchy tabs, weak aplix, slightly bulky) have all been resolved in the G2 resulting in  much better fitting diaper.  But of course the favorite only true inner gussets are still a very prominent feature of the G2 and what stands it apart from the many other diaper brands out there.

Details on the giveaway after the jump.

Here are the main differences between the G1 and G2 :   (click to enlarge)

G2 - 2. Diaper features

These diapers now fit from Newborn to potty learning (i.e. 6lbs and up).  They are so much more trimmer than the G1s, and the fabric is entirely different.  The snap buttons are also really cute – they’re specially made with the little rumparooz Kangaroo on each one!

G2 - 3. Diaper sizes

The colors are much more vibrant and there’s now exact color matching of the snaps to the fabrics so the diaper looks fabulous in use with no ugly obvious snaps.

The first batch we got in are all Snaps, but the new Velcro is much stronger and reliable than the G1s too.  (those are coming later)

All G2 diapers come with the super reliable, heavy weight 6R Rumparooz Microfiber Inserts.


To celebrate the new G2 Rumparooz Diapers, Tiny Tapir is going to have a giveaway!

Four lucky winners will each get a Rumparooz G2 Diaper of their choice (from what is in stock)

rumparooz_platinum_baby wearing

Here’s how you can get entries

Doing each of these will entitle you to 1 entry (please enter a comment for each thing that you did) (you can get up to 5 entries!)

1. Just leave a comment on this blog post

2. If you have a blog or website, post an entry about Tiny Tapir or Rumparooz products, linking to this blog or the Tiny Tapir website

3. If you are on facebook, join the Tiny Tapir facebook group, and post your facebook ID here.

4. If you are on Twitter, join the Tiny Tapir Twitter Feed, and post your Twitter ID here

5. Join the Diapers Asia forum if you haven’t already, and write a post or start a thread over in the Diapers Asia forum.  Post your Diapers Asia ID here

Winner will be chosen by a Random Number Generator and the deadline to enter is 27th May 12 Noon (Malaysia time)

Jump to the Rumparooz G2 Listing at the Tiny Tapir store here


75 thoughts on “Rumparooz G2 debut in Malaysia – Giveaway!!

  1. the new G2’s look great! i want one too!! heheh…not for me to wear but for darling baby!
    diapersasia: happiberri
    twitter: mybren

  2. 1. Wow Li, you always bring cool stuffs to malaysian market! Well done! These diapers look great!

    5. Diapersasia ID: Mazlina

  3. 1. well done Li!!!!…. seem another great CD. Nak..nak..nak…love to try thisss ..of course not for me but little one.. 🙂 wish have luck

    5.Diaperasia ID: hanimas

  4. Checklist…
    1. Leave comment here:
    I like Rumparooz for the durability, though the one in my stash is preloved, it amazed me coz the elastic still maintain tight & the snaps still okay plus the double gusset does the ‘holding job’ good. And,of course the minkee feeling.. (Done)

    2.Coincidentally, only 2 days ago mention Rumparooz & link Tiny Tapir in my latest entry about review on pocket diaper. Check it here:=>

    3. Joined Tiny Tapir Facebook (Done sometime already) ID: Hanz Jamaludin (formerly Hanizawati Jamaludin)

    4. Twitter – okay this one not yet, even i got twitter, still blur2, he, he…

    5.Join DiaperAsia Forum (Done long time ago…) ID: Hanzjam

    Hoping & wishing i’m the lucky one, always wanted to buy those yummy looking rumparooz …..

  5. hi Li,
    just check it out @ rumparooz website, wow…they look so great!!
    once i finished read the product review, i’m soo tempted to have it too 🙂

    i just love the tagline: keeping the poo off your little roo!!
    what a brilliant campaign for cd-ing babies 😀

    hopefully i can win one, it would be like a dream come true for me!!
    seeing my baby bums with Rumparooz G2, i might end up as CD addict. LOL!!

    anyway, joined TT Facebook already, ID: Hurriyah Bunda Faiz
    also diaperasia forum, ID: hurriyah

    Rumparooz G2, come to me please….

  6. No doubts Rumparooz G2 is a bit on the pricey CDs , but one thing that appeals to me is the inner gussets & its trimmnest. Glad to hear that the maker took note of all the RG1 flaws and improved on it..

    I may be a newbie for CDs. PLus i haven’t even bought my 1st CDs yet. 🙂 But based on what I have read on RG1 &RG2 CDs user mommies, 99% I’ll be buying this CDs. The 1% is just the high price which put me off a bit.

  7. Hi Li! I just got the Rumparooz G2 from the courier today. Thanks a lot! Wow, I love it! Excellent quality. I hope to do a full review once I’ve tried it on my newborn in September. Compared to the Grobaby, I think this CD doesn’t trap heat as much because of the microfiber insert.

    By the way, I don’t mind getting another one for free from the giveaway, hee hee.

    Already joined Tiny Tapir FB group. My ID: Faye Osman

    Also followed you on Twitter. ID: garnet13

  8. YEah, Rump-a-rooz G2 is here. Tempt tempt tempt, drool drool drool!! I want one for my wawa.. hehehe..hope I can win this..*pray hard* 😀

    My FB ID : Bonnie Wong

    Diapers Asia Forum ID : wawa3907

  9. * Here’s my comment:

    I’d love to try Rumparooz since they’d fit newborns and I’d love to win either the RED or MELON colours 🙂

    * I’m on DiapersAsiaForum – user ID: KittyCat
    * Joined the Tiny Tapir FB group – user ID: KittyCat Cool

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  10. hi tt,

    been eyeing the rar cd since february 09 after my 2nd baby was born. i luv one size pocket diaper coz it can be use from newborn till potty training. as i am mother of two fpr dd 20 mths & ds 4 mths, i luv to have this new g2 rar cd for my cd stash. the price is afforable coz its comes together with insert.

    join TT at FB as emiza adlan

    wish i can win the new rar

  11. even thou its come in solid color, can resist to have this coz the color is yummylicious…hope i can have this for my babies

  12. a-must-have for cd stash…yet to touch & see the rar irl…meet tt once at IBU fair…joined TT@FB somewhere end 2008 or early 2009..wishing luck on getting this giveaways…

  13. I have lotsa other brands but Rumparooz. I wonder why I missed it! Will ensure I will get one soon. Cannot tahan to see the review 😀

  14. oh, I have registered with FB, my ID: norhasnitatini
    ANd have registered with diapersasia ages ago, my ID: bluesky


  15. I am on Facebook-TinyTapir Eco Shop Group – Joanne Michelle Lee

    I am on following tinytapir on Twitter-joannemlee

    I am a member of Diaperasia Forum – joannemlee

    Note: Hi Li, since everyone is taking part in this freebie giveaway, I surely don’t want to miss my chance too..Hopefully to get one Rumparooz G2 to brighten-up my diaper stash!

  16. I am new to cloth diapering…and just got to know about tiny tapir recently.

    Have chosen Grobaby over Rumparooz. Both are great!! would love to get R2 too!!

    Diaperasia ID: belle_lee
    Joined facebook too: Lee yy

  17. It’s will be great if i can win one set of adorable Rumparoo G2 diaper for my new born baby and love to try it’s 6R Rumparooz Microfiber Inserts as well.

    Facebook id-Virginia goo

    Diaperasia id-Virginia

  18. 1.Newborn size, less bulk, stronger velcro, full microchamois inner, increased adjustability, 6R soaker…wow, seems like THE diaper to try!! Thanks Li, for the chance to win one!

    2. no blog yet, gonna start one soon!

    3. Just joined FaceBook. ID: lilylau

    4. can’t access twitter today, maybe later.

    5. Joined DiapersAsia and started a new thread.
    ID: DaRLeNE^_^

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  20. Wahhhh so many postings here!!!! This is the first time that I’m entering a giveaway..yeah, after more than a year of joining the DA forum and blogging since Nov last year 😀

    1) So this is my comment here 🙂
    2) I’ve always wanted to go to your retail I finally got to go last weekend..and here’s my blog entry:
    I’ve already linked TT online shop and TT blog some time back.
    3) Facebook ID Amilita Zaini
    4) Twitter? Hee hee not sure lah.
    5) DiapersAsia Forum – yes I’m a member 🙂

    RaR G2..lovely!!

  21. Pingback: A Pregnant Pause » Blog Archive » I want a G2 Rumparooz pocket diaper!

  22. hi everyone, competition closed from here!

    thanks for all your participation, will have the results very soon

  23. Pingback: Rumparooz Giveaway – 112 entries – and the winners are… « the Tiny Tapir

  24. I would like to try my luck to win a CD for my little one to try on. A newbie to CD, hopefully i can win this giveaway and give CD a try. Now, i m starting to learn and search on lot of information of CD. Want to give a good long term of investment on CD..=)

    • hi June, sorry, but the competition has finished already. Please keep checking back, we will have giveaways now and then, maybe you will be lucky then!

  25. Hey…while browsing …looking for baby gift for a good friend, I stumble upon this page.Great!Cantik lah diapers kat sini..definitely my gifts to my hot mommy friends!

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