BumGenius Diapers now at Tiny Tapir

Tiny Tapir has been eyeing the ever-popular BumGenius cloth diapers for some time.

And now finally they are here and in stock. (Them and the Stay Dry Liners pack)

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Bumgenius One Size Pockets are great value for money at RM85 per pocket diaper including 2 inserts.  They’re well known for their reliability and if you believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, then they are probably the most flattered cloth diaper design ever!

One size pocket means it will fit from around 7lbs all the way to 30lbs when most kids are potty learned.  One size pockets are never suitable for babies “outside the average sizes” – i.e. those really small babies or really big babies.

Pocket diaper means it requires you to stuff the insert inside the pocket – stuff more in for more absorbency, stuff less if it’s just for day use.

Bumgenius’ stretchy tabs are also great for getting a better fit.

You can check them out in person at the Tiny Tapir Baby Retail store at Ampang Park, and of course you can buy them online here

Buy Stay Dry Liners here

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