Modern Acorn Pantyliner Giveaway

I adore Modern Acorn pads. If she did wholesale, these would be in Tiny Tapir in a nanosecond, but I guess part of the appeal is the one of  a kind nature of her pads!

modern acorn 2

(camera’s misbehaving so no photos of my lovelies right now)

The sewing is lovely and the shape of the pad is just… delicious!

And best of all she is having a pantyliner giveaway right now! 3 are up for grabs…

modern acorn 2

I didn’t realize until today (darn), and unfortunately the giveaway ends tomorrow, but you’ve still got a little time to slip your comment onto the blog. She ships internationally so everything is good for us here in Malaysia.

Pop on over to the Modern Acorn Pantyliner giveaway now


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