What’s with the sudden silence?

S’been quiet around here, but rest assured many little things are going on behind the scenes here at Tiny Tapir.

We’re working out a lot of kinks and processes to hopefully make things go a lot smoother in the future (without as much running around like headless chickens)…

A few things on the drawing board :

  • Our wholesale / distribution program is being revamped with a lot of exciting and beloved products coming out in a big way
  • We’re 95% complete on our stock organization and moving upstairs at the Bungalow@Damai – which leaves the whole of downstairs for use by the Doodlebug Girls
  • Soon we’ll be ready to hold workshops, support groups and other events upstairs at the Bungalow@Damai – if you have any class / subject suggestions, or if you’re looking for a nice, clean, cozy venue in the middle of town, do contact us
  • A few new product are in the planning stages (we promise they’re not just family related products, for those of you who aren’t parents)
  • The Parenthood Fair in Midvalley is coming up in August 2009 – there will be lots of bargains to be had there!

So please do bear with us, we’re getting there!


2 thoughts on “What’s with the sudden silence?

  1. my suggestion is for the bungalow to be open for those who want to take photo-sessions…cos finding an indoor & outdoor place (at the same place) is really difficult. most indoor place is not suited for photography sessions. can toy with this idea?

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