Play & Learn Spoon – Intro & Giveaway!

We love introducing new products to Malaysia here at Tiny Tapir!

Today, we’re happy to introduce Baby Human Inc’s Play & Learn Spoon :

play and learn spoons - image 2

BPA, phthalate & lead free, this is completely safe for your baby to use and it will really help them to get the idea of self feeding without decorating your wall with “designer food art”

Developed by a mom in the USA who has an autistic son in response to his need for a better utensil – the Play & Learn spoon also helps developmentally challenged children to develop appropriate motor skills.

Retail price is RM35 for a set of 2 (1 orange, 1 green), but as an introductory offer Tiny Tapir is selling them at RM32 until the end of June 2009.

Click here to jump to the listing to buy

And we have a Giveaway!

Comment below with a story about feeding your little one and the best story will get a free set of 2 🙂

Look forward to reading your stories!


10 thoughts on “Play & Learn Spoon – Intro & Giveaway!

  1. Feeding time is always fun when we see our little ones enjoying the food. It can be messy but we will not mind because it is the time to exploring and learning. After each meal, we will need to clean up the baby/child then the eating place , both hubby and I are not complaining but we are happy to know they are learning. As our child grows bigger, the messiness gets lesser and lesser.

    My 1st child was introduced to self feed before he was 1 year old. Initially we would feed him and at the same time he would have his own bowl (with some food) and spoon to learn to feed. I had to admit it was really very very messy but then he learnt to feed by himself within months… Practice makes perfect.

    As for my 2nd child, she is so different in term of solid compared to her brother. I hope maybe by introducing self feeding her solid intake will increase more.

  2. Hmm..still remembered when my daughter was 1 yr old and started to self feed, it was a big challenge for me because each time after her self feed meal, i have to do double or triple works whereby i have to clean her up and of cos the dining table, highchair and also the floor which its really tiring. In fact, sometimes i just wanted to feed her myself in order to avoid the mess created, but she just insisted wanted to self feed.

    There was once, we were out for dining at one of this Yong Tau Foo restaurant. I filled some rice with gravy for her in a bowl and gave her a spoon and as usual she likes to self feed without us helping. So, me and hubby didnt want to bother and continued to enjoy our yong tau foo. Within 5 mins, i looked over and was shocked to see her face all over with rice sticking on her face, i guessed she actually put her face in the bowl..duhh..Then, i turned my head down and the floor was all over with rice here and there. I told my hubby, if i were to put a chick here, the chick can fills it’s stomach full with the rice on the floor…**winks

    From then onwards, i dared not fill rice in her bowl in fact i feed her myself when we out for dining, but thank Godness, now she is almost 3 and can self feed pretty well. I know this is the process of her mildstones learning. In order to reward her for her successful achievement, i wish to get this spoon as a suprise gift for her.

  3. It’s been three weeks now since Charlie was fed his first solids (or should I say mush), and his development has skyrocketed steeply since then. Firstly, his sense of taste has ignited, which has led to him lunging for the spoon and banging his fists on the table as we take too long to offer him the next serve!

    At the same time, he is also wanting to gain more independence over the feeding process, reaching out to grab hold of the spoon or, more deviously, waiting until the spoon is in his mouth before shoving his hand in there as well, to keep it in.

    To aid his independence at this present time we give him rusks to chew on, but find that this is the messiest food of the lot, as leftover morsels of it are later discovered in his hair, ears, nostrils, clothes, and not to mention our clothes and the immediate surroudings as well.

    All of which serves to reinforce the fact that feeding children is a messy business! But a fun one too. The photos and videos with which we are recording this process are testaments to that! 🙂

  4. Feeding time? sure it’s the most busiest moment for both me and my baby boy!

    Once i started to fed him after six months exclusive breastfeed, he wouldnt let me do the job. in fact, He always insist to hold the spoon and do it by himself !!
    but what he always do, of course, just enjoy sucking that soft little spoon as if it was the food 🙂
    And me? i always busy trying to persuade him to open his mouth and let “my spoon” to enter.
    I guess he already know what independency is as he did it since he was pretty young!!

    However, feeding time is always fun for us. No matter how mess it will be, and always be, nothing can replace my joy watching my baby enjoys his self feed, and make his big green smile when i clap my hands everytime he finish all the food!

    Now he’s 2years old, and still the feeding time is the busiest moment for us. Not because of the mess, but when he start to pick the food he likes and left others! and how he always insist to ask for crunchy crispy thing in his meal. Be it fish, chicken, tempe, keropok, or his fave one: fried crispy tail of cat fish!

    There was once when he saw me pumping my milk, and he ask what was that for. When i said it was for adek baby to feed when i go to work, then he go and take his spoon and ask me to put the milk there so he can feed his little sister!!

    Ah,ah,ah, what a nice brother he is 🙂

  5. My baby’s first solid meal was on her 6 month birthday. This excerpt from my blog…

    Today, I boiled 1 large carrot in some water and pureed it with my hand-held blender and tried to feed bun bun (my baby’s nickname) two teaspoons of it. It was a fantastic mess. She had carrot on her face, nose and everywhere, even in her hair. So I called her carrot face.

  6. My 2nd son really enjoyed his new independence i.e. self-feeding when he was 1 year old. He loves soup & colored drink so much. So, if no soup for that day, he made his own soup. It’s typically normal to see him enjoying his purple soup if we had grape drink or red soup if we had syrup for drink. But mommy was happy as long as he enjoyed his meal 🙂

  7. Mealtimes for our little one has to involve a collection of plates, bowls and spoons. We need 5 spoons in total: one for mummy to feed, one for baby to hold and three others to be passed to baby every time he drops his spoon. What happens if we don’t have 5 spoons? Baby will take mummy’s spoon and we won’t be having much by way of solids.

    The collection of baby plates and bowls come into play when baby satisfies his hunger. We know baby is full or getting there when he starts to show interest in the plates and bowls. He will snatch them from mummy at lightning speed, finger with interest, flip, scratch, bite, throw onto the floor and watch them endure the “tests” he puts them through. Perhaps this is the beginnings of a career in product testing!

    Time for mummy to shop for more colourful designs in bowls and spoons before baby starts “product testing” our ceramic bowls. He is already showing interest in the chicken design on our adult bowls! *Gulp*

  8. “Helicopter flahh…ying…flyinggg….” Brendan narrates as he plays with his miniature heli. Mommy spoons another mouthful of rice into his mouth. Meanwhile, 9 month-old Brian, seated beside his brother, is fast becoming impatient. He grabs mommy’s hand and puts it into his mouth, licking away. He’s always the one overzealous for food. Mommy spoons some rice cereal into Brian’s mouth, and quickly swallowing it, he asks for the next spoonful.

    Brendan puts down his heli on the table and helps himself to the bowl of soup in front of him. “Soup soup” he mumbles happily, sipping away his favourite dish. Brian, seeing that the heli is available, immediately grabs it and would have popped it into his mouth if not stopped by Mommy aka ‘The Rescuer’.

    Feeding two children can be so demanding at times. Mommy has to be fast enough to feed the overzealous child, patient enough to wait for the slow eater, wise enough to keep the little einsteins occupied.…and no, I don’t encourage my kiddos to play with toys while having their meals, but oh, so many times, I HAVE to turn to them to keep the children occupied and glued to their seat just a LITTLE bit longer to finish their meal. The colorful play-and-learn spoons would be much-welcomed meal-time “toy” addition and hopefully, solution to feeding time. Eating while learning through play, what more can I ask!

  9. thanks for your replies girls, the Play & Learn founder is going to be judging our little contest, so we’ll have results shortly 🙂

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