My Beautiful Girl Double sided pad bags

For years when I was using my cloth pads, I was using those ziploc bags, washing out the insides until they just got too battered looking and switching to a new one.  This meant smuggling my entire handbag into the bathrooms, which just looks tres obvious (if anyone is indeed, looking).

I was ecstatic when I found the Happy Tushie pad bags (I MUST have 2 compartments – it’s just so much easier for using when I’m outside during “that time of the month” – one compartment is for the unused cloth pads, the other one stores the used ones until I get home).

It’s small enough that it just looks like a makeup pouch or something similar and it’s not so obvious when you’re walking along to the bathroom.

However, although the Happy Tushie pad bags are perfectly functional and look pretty great, nothing beats the My Beautiful Girl pad bags.  They’re not as bulky because they’re sewn back to back, and there’s just incredible attention to detail.

Look at this :

There’s different colored PUL (and matching zipper colors!) in each side pocket so you know instantly which side you need to open.

The stitching is gorgeous and the color matching is just… perfect.  I want to keep all of them!

Of course, that would be insane, so the My Beautiful Girl wetbags are available for sale at Tiny Tapir.  There are 2 sizes available – the smaller one (5″ x 7″) is good for those who don’t have as heavy flows (so they don’t need to bring as many pads around).  The larger size (9″ x 10″) is good for those who just need more pads.

These bags can also be used to carry anything that has the potential to spill or smudge – like makeup, moisturizer, lipstick, wipes for babies etc.  They’re very handy, and not just for when Aunty Flo comes to visit.

My Beautiful Girl Wetbags are very difficult to get hold of, and we really do it as a labor of love because we buy these at full retail – but aren’t they just too delish for words?  So if you see one you like, I’d grab it, because it might never be available for sale here again (all MBG wetbags are hand made by 1 work at home mother).

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