Babywearing product review – a win for Moby & Ergo!

5 baby carriers were reviewed on DoubleX today for a new parent with a newborn baby.

Out of the 5 reviewed she recommends the Ergo & the Moby Wrap – both carriers that Tiny Tapir stocks 🙂

We love the Moby wrap for newborns, it’s our highest recommendation and I think so crucial for those first few weeks.  The Moby is very versatile and not as difficult as it looks, it comfortably keeps the baby closest to the carrier compared to all the other carriers.  That’s why the Moby is recommended as the number one choice for Kangaroo Mother Care keeping baby close to the parents skin after birth, proven to increase birthweight fast for both full term and premature babies.

The reviewer brings up the common complaint about the Moby for Malaysia though – because it’s 100% cotton, it is very soft and breathable but the multiple layers makes it hot if you’re not in air conditioning.

We hear you at Tiny Tapir, and we’re doing our best to bring in some Bamboo Fabric wraps – much lighter material and very much cooler – cool enough to be worn to the kopitiam.  (Unfortunately more expensive also as the Bamboo fabric costs more and it is work at home mother made, unlike the Moby which is more like cottage industry).

Meanwhile, the Ergo is the perenniel favorite online and overseas, but don’t forget the other SSCs which arecomparatively supportive carriers. The great value Patapum, the favoritse for Tiny Tapir shoppers, the Scootababy and the Pikkolo carriers (great for smaller moms) and the Angelpacks.

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