Counterfeit Ergobabys!

I received this email from Ergobaby in the USA :

Important Notice: Counterfeit ERGObaby Carriers are being manufactured (in China we believe), carrying our logo, but are of inferior quality.

Over the past few months, EBC has become aware of a number of unauthorized Internet sellers of fake ERGObaby carriers, mostly on EbayEbaytype sites like Taobaoand on Chinese blog sites.  These counterfeit carriers are manufactured with inferior materials and workmanship, thus posing a safety hazard.  Of course, no warranty protection is offered with respect to counterfeit products.

EBC is aggressively and successfully stopping the sellers and is investigating the source of these fake carriers.  EBC has received a couple of these carriers and studied the differences.

Photos are below for your review, as well as a Tec Pack which shows the differences in the measurements between our carriers and these fake ones.  The most current color of carrier being sold is the cranberry/cranberry.  The black/grey was a previous color available.

Upon reviewing the fake carriers in detail, we have discovered the following:

· The fabric feels different

· The waist band and shoulder strap padding is thinner

· The warning label is smaller and located on the body of the carrier, instead of being on the waist band

· The number and quality of hood snaps is different

· The buckles are different, especially the chest/shoulder strap buckles

· The zipper pull of the hood pouch does not have our logo

· The packaging is completely different, yet our photos and information is used

· A DVD is included

If you become aware or have any concerns about any supplier or carriers that you find on the internet or through communication with your customers, please forward us that information.


Eek!  So be careful that the Ergo you are buying is from a good source.  Here’s the link to ErgoBaby’s authorized resellers


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