Change of Phone Number


We used to use for the Tiny Tapir mobile phone number.

Unfortunately someone *ahem ahem* forgot to reload the card and didn’t get any reminder sms that the phone number was going to expire.  So now the number is burned! And can never be used again!

Dangers of prepaid phones I guess..

To be honest, to review it, the Happy phone service was not that great.  Every time I made or received a phone call there would be this ear splitting series of BEEPS so I would always miss the first part of conversations (anyone who has called Tiny Tapir can probably attest to that!).

So there’s a new mobile number for Tiny Tapir – +6 012 294 6449 . Sorry for whoever’s been trying to contact us these last few days!

Darn. what to do with all these inaccurate name cards now….


4 thoughts on “Change of Phone Number

  1. @FLorence – thanks! you’re always so up to date on all these links 🙂

    @Dani – lol does Charlie want some then?! I’ve got a ton and my hand is cramping from crossing out and writing in the new number…

  2. We can take some cards if you like 😀 How about printing the new number on a sheet of label paper – cut them out and pop them on over the old number? If you want a volunteer with experience, I’m your woman haha

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