AngelPack Baby Carriers now listed online

You can find them in the Soft Structured Baby Carrier Section on Tiny Tapir or you can pop by our Ampang Park store anytime to have a try out with your baby in the carrier.  Tiny Tapir currently has the widest range of carriers available in Malaysia so if you’re in the market for a carrier, do stop by and try them out – there’s no such thing as the perfect carrier for everyone – since every baby is different, and so is every parent, it’s best to try a few to see which suits best.

And of course, different carriers are best for different times of the baby’s life. What worked best at the newborn stage is probably not going to be a favorite when baby is 1 year old, or at 2.

Further, what are you using the carrier for? Do you need a quick on-off carrier for short trips? or are you planning on doing a long airplane trip with lots of layovers where you need something the baby will be in for a long time?

The AngelPack is a great SSC, folds up compact and the material is top quality 100% organic fabric with really pretty eye catching prints (current batch from the Amy Butler range).

Best yet, the AngelPack is reversible – so if you’re afraid hubby won’t want to use the carrier because of the lovely mummy-friendly prints, fear not! You can just switch the carrier inside out and dad can have his macho-plain color carrier to take some of the load off mum.

If any of the prints catch your eye, hurry to grab them, because all of these are discontinued lines, after these are gone, the next batch will be a whole different set of prints…


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