Patapum Baby Carriers – excellent value

Behold…. the Patapum Baby and Toddler Carrier!

Images courtesy of the Portable Baby

The Patapum Baby Carrier (at RM355) and Patapum Toddler Carrier (at RM370) are excellent value, high quality carriers that are among the best, and most underappreciated of Soft Structured Carriers, especially for older, heavier or bigger children.

Patapum shoulder straps are attached to the hipbelt, putting the weight where it’s easiest carried (at your hips) – see that large padded waist belt? Might not look very pretty but it’s extremely supportive and necessary for those heavier kids.  A unique feature of the Patapum is a separate set of side straps that pull the child’s body close to prevent leaning – a common complaint with older children for a lot of other SSCs.  Pulling the child close to your body and preventing leaning helps the wearer maintain his or her center of gravity, minimizing shoulder strain.

  • Best for kids 18 months and up. Excellent for toddlers and even preschoolers.
  • Clean, stylish, minimalist design.
  • Can be worn on front or back
  • Long straps ensure enough length for bigger sizes. Big and tall daddies can wear it too!
  • Easy to wear and adjust.
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Dual adjustable waist belt, allows up to 140cm/55 inches)
  • Detachable mesh sleeping hood, supports the head of your napping child without trapping heat.
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • 100% cotton canvas outside, brushed twill inside
  • Shoulder straps lined with lightweight, breathable, synthetic material, making it easier to get straps on and off.
  • Elastic loops on the head hood to be able to roll up and secure the hood when not in use
  • Elastic loops at the end of all the straps keep loose ends nice and tidy.
  • Snaps on the outside of the waist belt allow you to wear your Patapum with the carrier body and straps tucked away when your child wants to get down and walk a bit. Just unsnap the sleeping hood, then fold the top of the carrier down to the waistband and resnap there.


This is definitely one carrier that dad can use easily too – he’ll surely appreciate the structured waist as well as the more thickly padded shoulder straps when carrying an older child.  Essential if you’re planning on going stroller-less on long journeys (e.g. on airplanes) or even on an afternoon out on the weekend.

And you’ll get a waist pouch for free!  (Waist pouch can be purchased separately too, it’s great for parents everywhere, especially babywearing parents)

patapum pouch - Large_350

You can read more on the Portable Baby, where there’s an extensive review on how best to use the Patapum and different tips and tricks to getting it on.


One thought on “Patapum Baby Carriers – excellent value

  1. Hi, do u sell the dark brown patapum baby carrier? is so plse could u let me know how much and if the waist pouch is included in the price?
    Does the price inc shipping to East M’sia?

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