Saffa Cloth Pads & Pantyliners Restocked

Local favorites, the great value Saffa Medium Cloth Pads & Pantyliners are restocked..

Tiny Tapir’s version of the Saffa pads have double Poly KAM snaps in order to give you the option of having a more snug fit during use (the loosest fit is great for using to package up the pad after use too).

Mediums are RM16 each

Pantyliners are RM10 each

Lovingly Made in Malaysia


4 thoughts on “Saffa Cloth Pads & Pantyliners Restocked

  1. The Saffa cp(s) are a great bargain and furthermore they are locally made. I totally support our local handmade products. And thanks to Li, they now come with double snaps for a snug fit…my previous cp(s) which I purchased directly from Ummi (the maker itself) came with aplix closures, which aren’t very comfortable to use with, so I had them removed and fixed snaps, now they are back in action again. Again, as I have mentioned, these are gone very fast like hot cupcakes due to its reasonable price!

    Li, I hope u will also bring in other local handmade cp(s), ie. SUPER SEXY SNUGG cloth-

  2. Hi Joanne, yeah spoke to Liza ages ago too, but I think she’s got enough on her hands keeping up with her retail requests 🙂 let alone take on wholesale orders!

    • Hi DP! We wont be restocking on the Saffa Cloth pads, however we will be debuting a new brand Honey Hibiscus soon!

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