Mooncup Testimonial

From another happy Tiny Tapir Mooncup user :

Mooncup-with-Box-on-black-A cup-med

“I’ve been using pads ever since I started having my period. However, I was always looking for an alternative. The pads made me itch, and sometimes if I walked around a lot, I’d get rashes, and this would be very painful and uncomfortable for me. Also, everytime I sat on a chair or lay down on a couch or bed I would worry about staining the furniture and not be very comfortable as I would try to maintain a single position that wouldn’t risk me leaking on the furniture.

I wanted to try tampons, but I read a lot about infections caused by the tampons, so I was afraid.

Then one day, my sister-in-law told me about menstrual cups. I read about them and did some research, and against my fears I decided to try.

At first I was afraid of putting it on as I couldn’t imagine putting anything that big into my privates, but I tried anyway.

Lo and behold, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me! I could walk around comfortably without feeling self conscious. I could sit and lie down and roll around as I please without worrying about leaving bloodstains on any furniture.

I’ve never felt so free!

Menstrual cups are definitely one of the best things I’ve discovered in my life. It is something that I would most definitely recommend to any women I know.”

From Teha, via email


6 thoughts on “Mooncup Testimonial

  1. I 101% so much agree with u Teha! I’m a Lady Cup & cloth pads user since Sept. 2008. And eversince, I’ve never looked back into using disposables pads! I have really heavy flow during the first 3 days, day & night. The cup is so useful and reliable, while the cps keeps stains away from my undies! Its quite worth buying.

    • Hi Syaz, I don’t really recommend one over the other. I use both depending on what I’m going to be doing that day, but my personal favorite are cloth pads. The lady cup is probably more convenient (no need to wash / get out stains, no need to change as often, can’t feel it v.s. pads), but for me, I dunno why exactly I just love my c.p.s

      But for some times, like if i’m doing a lot of activities like exercise or hiking or swimming or travelling, the Ladycup is definitely more convenient.

  2. Do you have any criticism of The Cup? I have been looking at purchasing one for years, but I have been apprehensive because I have had no first hand advise or experience to hear.

    I work for a University Women’s Center, one of our ongoing projects is educating women about the relationship between women and nature, and the power of women as consumers to push for green alternatives.

    I have used reusable pads, but would not recommend them to a college student, as they use public laundering facilities and bathroom.

    • hi AJ, the cup is perfect for college students because it’s way cleaner than disposable options and it’s easy to store.

      There’s no criticism I have of the Cup other than, if you’re one of those people who have a phobia of having stuff “inside” or “on” your body then mentally you may not take to the cup with a 100% love affair (I’m one of those people… I can’t stand wearing nail polish and contact lenses give me the heebie jeebies, the only thing I can tolerate to any extent is makeup very occassionally – but I still use my Cup now and again, just love my cloth pads otherwise)

      Would be happy to help you through any questions or concerns you have for the Cup. The key thing to remember is to RELAX ! 🙂

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