Dirt Organic Soy Candles

We at Tiny Tapir are pleased to announce a new product in our eco-friendly range – Dirt Organic Soy Candles from Palm Beach, Florida.

For those of you out there who love scented candles will absolutely adore these clean burning candles infused with natural essential oils.  Each candle has a unique scent and with 24 different scents (flowery, fruity, sugary and even earthy), you are sure to find a favourite (or a few favourites).  There’s even an unscented candle for those of you who might want some candle-lit atmosphere without the scent.

Benefits of Dirt Candles include:

  • Clean burning (which means no soot on the glass or on the walls)
  • Non-toxic
  • 60hr burning time
  • All natural (the melted wax can even be used as a moisturizer!)
  • Packaging and glass jar made with recycled materials
  • Glass jar can be re-used as a drinking glass once the candle is finished

Check out the whole range at the online store.  Each candle retails at RM100.


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