Restocked – Pikkolo Carriers

Our new stock of Pikkolo Carriers are here!

These have proved to be our most popular imported soft structured carrier yet.  Even thought they come with a price premium the last batch of Pikkolos were our first to sell out.  Why? Well, having a physical store, most of our curious carrier parents try on as many of our (very many) carrier types as they can before deciding to buy.  And a lot of them (including baby) love the Pikkolo carrier the best. (sometimes evidenced by this being the only SSC carrier in which younger children do not cry in!)

We have 2 new styles as well – Orbit and Jewel.

The pikkolo is (to my knowledge) the only carrier that allows cinching in of the panel area near the bottom to allow a less drastic leg spread for younger babies.  The pikkolo belt is also a resilient seat belt material – great for younger children, but a waist support belt will probably be needed once the baby is heavier.

jewel 2 and 3orbit 1 and 2


3 thoughts on “Restocked – Pikkolo Carriers

  1. wow, the pikkolo’s look good. are they considered crotch carrier? will they be on sale at the upcoming parenthood exhibition in midvalley! thx!

  2. hi happiberri, definitely not a crotch carrier! They will be available to purchase at the Parenthood exhibition. we haven’t decided on the specials for the event yet 😉

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