Play & Learn Spoon – WINNER!

The Play & Learn Spoon Intro and giveaway we ran last month is over, and the brand creator Kim has chosen a winner!

play and learn spoons - image 2

Here’s what she said :

“I just could not get out the image of a baby with rice stuck to their face…Sometimes during the day, I would just laugh because of the thought of it…So I had to go with the thought that if it made me think about it so often that that is the ONE”

So JUNE is the lucky winner of the pair of Play & Learn spoons!  Please contact me June so I can arrange delivery to you

Here’s the winning entry :

Hmm..still remembered when my daughter was 1 yr old and started to self feed, it was a big challenge for me because each time after her self feed meal, i have to do double or triple works whereby i have to clean her up and of cos the dining table, highchair and also the floor which its really tiring. In fact, sometimes i just wanted to feed her myself in order to avoid the mess created, but she just insisted wanted to self feed.

There was once, we were out for dining at one of this Yong Tau Foo restaurant. I filled some rice with gravy for her in a bowl and gave her a spoon and as usual she likes to self feed without us helping. So, me and hubby didnt want to bother and continued to enjoy our yong tau foo. Within 5 mins, i looked over and was shocked to see her face all over with rice sticking on her face, i guessed she actually put her face in the bowl..duhh..Then, i turned my head down and the floor was all over with rice here and there. I told my hubby, if i were to put a chick here, the chick can fills it’s stomach full with the rice on the floor…**winks

From then onwards, i dared not fill rice in her bowl in fact i feed her myself when we out for dining, but thank Godness, now she is almost 3 and can self feed pretty well. I know this is the process of her mildstones learning. In order to reward her for her successful achievement, i wish to get this spoon as a suprise gift for her.”

Thanks to everyone for participating. Watch out for new contests soon!


3 thoughts on “Play & Learn Spoon – WINNER!

  1. congrats June!
    agree with you, it’s always funny and fun watching our baby tries to feed him/her self although the food would be all over their face, cloth, and everywhere 🙂

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