Silikids – glass baby bottles, silicone sleeves

With the current awareness of BPA on the rise, we’re happy to present to you the Silikids range of products.

Silikid silicone bottle Sleeves are uniquely textured (with little bumps and ridges and the holes) and so fun for babies to grip.  Yes it’s a higher initial investment to have glass baby bottles, but just as with cloth diapers, it pays out in the end because glass bottles can be used through (literally) generations of babies.


Note that even with Bisphenol-A free plastic baby bottles – they must be thrown out as soon as they start to look scratched or cloudy. This is a sign that the plastic is weakening and will leach easier into whatever is stored in there.

The normal sleeves are sold with a standard Evenflo Glass Bottle.  Evenflo glass bottles have been reliably used for 70 years + and are a great standard glass bottle.  They are available in 8 oz sizes and 4 oz sizes.

The normal sleeves can also fit Medela, Dr Browns, Momo, Lamby and Pigeon glass bottles – which means you can just get 1 sleeve and alternate it between different brands of bottles – this is a great economical choice (unlike other silicone sleeves which come with proprietary sized bottles so you can only use that brand’s bottles).

The sleeves roll on and off the bottle really easily and are very resilient.

If you prefer, you can purchase the wideneck bottle siliskin without a glass bottle.


Wideneck sleeves come in 2 sizes – both will fit the corresponding size NUK glass bottle (available in Jusco & pharmacies throughout Malaysia).  The small will also fit with Born Free 5 oz Glass Bottles and 12 oz Kleen Kanteen Bottles.

The large wideneck sleeve also fits the Born Free 9 oz Glass Bottle and Fogo Straw Sippy by Thermos.

Here’s an independent review by Z Rec which actually tests the glass bottle & sleeve by dropping them on the floor.


4 thoughts on “Silikids – glass baby bottles, silicone sleeves

  1. these r glass? i guess that’s y in older days, babies used glass bottles. *still remember those days when we had little bottle coke, F&N during CNY!*

  2. This is a BRILLIANT invention. I think whoever created these deserves a Nobel Prize. This significantly improves glass bottle stability.

    (And I cannot help but giggle because they are similar to the beer sleeves one can see college students holding at football games in the US. Oh how this world would be a better place if those beer bottles were replaced with milk bottles!)

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