Envirosax – Clearancing the darn things

Help me get rid of these Envirosax.

Tired of having them in my stock room taking up space and capital that we need for other, better products!

The only good thing about these Envirosax bags are that Envirosax bags are cheap (well, you get what you pay for) – and Tiny Tapir now has the cheapest price in town for Envirosax!

These are all legitimate stock directly from the Singapore distributor of Envirosax bags.

Be warned, the newer designs at the time are from the new (estimated changeover sometime beginning of 2009) Envirosax China factory – where the quality control is dubious (where the new stock all comes from now) – we noticed duplications in the sets of 5 and 6 and the bags are not rolled as nicely as they previously used to be.

Also, there were some loose threads, and a few reports from our users of Envirosax bags falling apart or holes being poked easily through the inferior China Polyester.

NOTE – these are just our (and a few other people in the know’s) PERSONAL opinion that the Envirosax bags have deteriorated in quality.

But they’re cheap! At only RM20 a bag for the polyester bags and RM55 for the fake-“organics” bags we are clearancing them off at our cost price – so if you really want an Envirosax, we’re the place to get them.

Tiny Tapir’s Envirosax bags are 20% cheaper than any other online store in Malaysia, and 20% cheaper than you can purchase them at Isetan or other department stores.

We’ll have a basket of the Envirosax at the Tiny Tapir shop in Ampang Park soon too, so you can pick them up there.

* Note, we have split up our sets and selling all as individuals, as well as lots of the official single bags.

Here’s the link to Envirosax at our Store


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