New Zoobies ? Nope not yet.

Ever since the beginning of the year, Tiny Tapir has been tantalized with visions of the new zoobie lines. They’re very cute!

However, the new Zoobie lines, baby zoobies and GIANT zoobies are not yet officially available in Asia (for authorized resellers and distributors).

They will only be available in September 2009.

So if you see any of the new Zoobie lines for sale in Malaysia – they are not authorized, legitimate products (at least we have no idea where they are sourced from – albeit confirmed they are not from official sources from the Zoobies factory), and as the distributor in Malaysia, we can’t help you with any quality or returns issue for them.

Be warned!


3 thoughts on “New Zoobies ? Nope not yet.

  1. Hi, I love the new Zoobies! Where can I buy those new characters in Malaysia? When are you getting it in? It’s been in US for a long time now.

    • hi Emily. I know they’ve been out in the States for a while. The regional distributor in Singapore is only bringing them in by September, so that’s when they will officially hit Malaysian shores.

      Not to worry! We will have a great introductory sale & giveaway so it’s definitely worth waiting for!

  2. To the unidentified person who keeps leaving comments to reveal who we are talking about in this blog post – your email address is fake as we cannot email you an explanation of why your comments are deleted. If you wish you can email me directly at tinytapir at gmail dot com and we will explain the legitimate reasons why your comments were deleted

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