Grobaby in stock at Miabambina

We’re still waiting on our monster big order of Grobaby products (we’re all out of the soakers!), but in the meantime, Miabambina has received theirs.

So pop on over to Miabambina to try out the Grobaby system


Here’s Sandra’s personal view on the Grobaby :

“I have personally tested Gro Baby diaper for my Toddler for more 4 months now. And the result is great. I can use it as her night time diapers ( and she is a heavy wetter)”

Other than buying it singly, you can get a special deal on the Grobaby – the Experience Grobaby set (2 shell set + 4 x soakers + 2 x boosters) and the (3 shell set + 6 x soakers + 2 x boosters)


5 thoughts on “Grobaby in stock at Miabambina

  1. Li, I am planning to visit your brick and mortar store somewhere around 23-28/7 since we are going to KL, and I’ve been waiting VERY eagerly to purchase vanilla snaps and blueberry GroBabies there– all the more since hubby (read: $$) is going!! But I see that the new batch of GroBabies + soakers have yet to land, so I wonder when do you expect them to arrive? Thanks for the info–I can’t wait!

  2. Hi Darlene,

    They’ve landed actually. we’re just waiting for customs to be sorted out 😦

    I really can’t give an estimate when we can give it out… we still have some stocks of grobaby at the store, what we can do is take your order & payment and send it to you for free when we finally clear the stocks…

  3. Okie no problem. I’ll see to that when I drop by in a few day’s time. Would love to get some cloth pads too!

  4. Dearest Li…

    Omigosh. Msia custom always take their *sweet sweet* time sorting out 😦

    Hope to see some great Grobaby deals on your good webshop soon and do keep all of us posted! 🙂


  5. Helloooo… I was wondering whether the grobaby diapers are available yet. I’ve been ITCHING to buy some for the past 2 weeks now. Please say you’ve gotten your stock. *bats eyelashes*

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