New! Bamboo Baby wraps

Finally! Tiny Tapir now has Baby Wraps in Bamboo fabric !

All Patterns_350

These wraps are fabulous. They are lightweight and very cooling – the most common complaint with wraps are that they are hot to use outside with no air-conditioning. While we still have lots of mothers that LOVE using the Moby wraps with their newborn babies and walk everywhere using the wrap, we have some mothers / babies that are more heat sensitive, and for them, the Bamboo Wrap would be perfect!

Personally I always recommend that the Wrap is the absolute best option for newborn babies. Softstructured carriers do not give the same feeling of security as wraps do. Wraps also allow you to carry the baby’s weight on both shoulders v.s. ring slings and pouches. Of course, on the other hand, wraps take a little bit more time to put on than a ring sling or pouch does!

I do feel that newborn babies feel more secure in wraps though, and will fall asleep faster in a wrap than a ring sling or pouch. Mainly because they feel so cocooned from all sides and are closest to their parent’s heartbeat.

One word of warning – because the Bamboo Baby wrap’s bamboo material is thin (and therefore not hot!), this wrap is best for newborn babies up to about 7 months (depending on the weight of the baby).  Once baby gets too heavy, then using the wrap probably won’t be very comfortable for the person carrying the baby, as the thin material will not be supportive enough to distribute weight well enough.

But at 7 monts, it’s probably about time to switch to a soft structured carrier anyway!

We only have a limited number of these wraps, and we love the decorative panels in stock, so head over to Tiny Tapir to grab one of these great Bamboo wraps now.


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