Standing up for what you think is right

So recently there has been a comment by a random passerby (not a customer) that Tiny Tapir has been involved in some drama in the past.

What with the Envirosax drama, and previously there was a misunderstanding with a customer in the early days (we’ve since made up – you know who you are!), plus the blog about cheap v.s. expensive diapers, I suppose we have had a bit of drama on the blog.

But in hindsight, I really would not have done anything different in the past.

When a person has an opinion, or a moral standing, when they see something not quite right, yes, you can choose to ignore it and walk on.  You can bitch and bitch about it in the background with other parties but say nothing about it publicly, and actually DO nothing about it for fear of repurcussions to yourself.   You can continue to let other people be misinformed.

Maybe people will say I am kay-poh or arrogant or jealous for saying what I honestly think and putting out information I feel is more accurate.

But if I were not the kind of person to say what I thought and who feels strongly about injustice or wrong-doing, then I would not have started Tiny Tapir.

Tiny Tapir was started out of a desire to provide an avenue to promote small businesses over large ones, out of a desire to deal with issues I feel strongly about (poverty, the environment, our health, fair labor practices and the increasing homogenous commoditization of products everywhere).  If I were the kind of person to feel strongly about those issues, isn’t it natural that I would feel strongly about other issues too?

When I think of whether to say something (that I know might generate drama), I always come back to the same few quotes :

“Injustice is relatively easy to bear. What stings is justice.” – Henry Louis Mencke

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Perhaps though, I need to remember the following more often instead :

“Maturity is : the ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even” – Abigail Van Buren

And focus on bigger issues instead.


8 thoughts on “Standing up for what you think is right

  1. Standing up for what you think is right is fine, but how you put up your words and actions are all that matters most.

    There’s always a nicer way of saying things out, without hurting anyone in the background.

  2. human beings are your best friend and your worst enemy… that will never change. let them say watever they want. just don’t listen. hear it but never listen to it….

  3. I will speak up or say whatever thats on my mind, as long as it doesn’t touch on sensitive issues such as religion, marriage or anything offensive, but if the other party reacts negatively then I feel sorry for them, or should not? I may be wrong or right but my facts are updated, don’t be judgemental againts others, give time for others to explain, otherwise just keep numb about it! You know where u stand dear…no worries I support u!

  4. I wonder what this is about, hhm I guess I miss all the drama. But yea, you should always stand up for what you think is right. I know I do. I will rant about something that I feel is important for others to know about. Keeping it quiet is not going to change things for the better. You go girl.

  5. I will too speak out whatever I have in mind as long it’s not about religion, or other sensitive issues. Of course it’s right we can try to speak in a nicer way, but sometimes we just cant have best of both world, can we? I mean everyone has their own thoughts, so we cant assure others have the same thought like us, and vice versa. So, yeah, that’s it..

  6. I guess when the drama was on air, i dont take any heed about babies (let alone diapers!). Now, sudah different. 😀

    As for me, the objective/final result is important…So, what is the outcome or conclusion of cheap (ok, let’s call it affordable) vs expensive diapers drama?

    Frankly, i love to own the expensive CDs but must understand and admit my own limitations..

    • hi nu-E-boo.

      Affordable cloth diapers I would say are those like Prefolds + Cover which is a favorite CD method for many mothers too!

      Those affordable diapers which are “modern” cd like pockets and aio etc, the general consensus are that they are great for a purpose – like using it for sending with your child to their daycare center, or as a “filler” diaper. Some feedback is the affordable “modern” cd does not stand up as well to use over the months as the more expensive diapers do, but I think it really depends, and everyone has a different budget so luckily there are more affordable diapers out there. Just be sure to read a lot of feedback on the particular brand you are looking at.

      Those affordable modern diapers that are more widely known should have enough feedback about their reliability – like coolababy for example…

  7. Am blessed and lucky that my mom will take care of my baby, Insya Allah – and she’s all for cloth diapering. Except that once i mentioned a price of a CD…her eyes went terbeliak.

    So, my strategy is to just buy and keep mum (pun intended) about the price.

    I went tru the TT forum last nite and was overwhelmed by the info! Since this will be my 1st bambina, i want the best and hope to get good guidance from ur team. Boleh, kan..??

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