Picnic @ the Bungalow – 9th August – Program

Our initial post on the Picnic event here.

11 days to go!

So far our program  :

12 noon – 1pm : Hypno Birthing Intro Class By Wai Han
12 noon – 1pm : Bento Making ! By Allthingspurple

1pm – 2pm : Nutrition Talk (for adults & kids!) – by Gina our lactation expert
1pm – 2pm : Tiny Tapir – Cloth Diapering and Soft Structured Carrier & Wraps baby carrying

2pm – 3pm : – Baby Signs Demo Class

3pm – 3.30pm : – Mama Patch Babywearing (ring sling)

3.30pm – 4pm : – Mei’s Mei Tais Babywearing (mei tai)

4pm – 4.30pm : – Jumpsac Babywearing (ring sling)

4pm – 5pm :- Tiny Tapir DEMO – How to make cloth pads

Things to buy
Tables downstairs :
Doof beanbags!
– Preloved Cloth Diapers & carriers (diaper swap)
– Selected Tiny Tapir products
– Mimpi Murni handmade Jewelry
– Scrapbook at the table demo & sale
– Bento products (to be confirmed)


7 thoughts on “Picnic @ the Bungalow – 9th August – Program

  1. Hi Li,

    Any special promotion for the baby carrier at your store during the picnic? I am eyeing a SSC….. or anyone has a pre-loved SSC to let go? Pls e-mail me at psiew13@gmail.com

    My dd is 16 mths and 11 kg now. I’ve been using a ring sling all this while!

  2. hi li,
    i am one your manymany customers. will be in selangor this august, n hopefully me n family can make it this 9th august at the bungalow.

  3. We had fun! And as you saw, Li, my kids had LOADS of fun too! Armand wearing his Starbunz diaper running around has been labeled as “Tarzan” or “Ramon the exotic dancer” by Dura haa haaa…:D

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