Are you a Fan ?

Previously on Facebook, Tiny Tapir was using the Group Function , but after looking into it, I think the Fan page would be more suitable going forward. It’s much more interactive and the functionality is more suitable for us as a business page.

From now on, we will periodically run Facebook specials on our Fan Page (don’t worry, we’ll update the blog too).

So to join in, click on the facebook logo below and become a fan!

tiny tapir facebook

2 thoughts on “Are you a Fan ?

  1. i’m keeping both, because our group has 400+ members (thanks everyone!) , but from now on I think I will mainly use the fan page to keep things going on Facebook.

    It’s more collaborative on the fan pages now (fan pages used to be really basic, which is why we switched from fan to group, but looks like now facebook has really stepped up the fan page functionality, so it’s better than the group function)

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