Huge HUGE giveaway!

You need to get on over to Bagaholicboy.

Tiny Tapir donated a few RuMe bags for Bagaholic’s 2nd Anniversary Giveaway, which is all well and good, but you need to see to believe what he is giving away


Designer Bags up to SGD3692 (USD2,500 +) !! are being given away in this monstrous blog giveaway

In order to join in, Bagaholicboy has whispered in my ear that you need to friend him on facebook – so hurry on over there and you could be the lucky winner of one of the 11 fabulous things he has up for the winning!

Honestly, I have no idea how he can bear to let them go, gorgeous things that they are…

I love the Bree bag for its functionality, the boys should get a kick out of the killspencer and the carga bags… The hayden harnett bag gives me serious longing pains, and I’m not even much of a designer bag fanatic! (ok that’s an understatement, I’ve only ever bought 1 designer bag for myself, and I don’t even use it so much as look at it in its storage bag and wonder if i’ll ever use it..)

P.S. don’t you love that photo of the RuMes?  Taken by Mika Images (as are the other promo shots for the giveaway) – if you’re looking for a photog, I’d think he’s definitely worth considering

It bears repeating – go friend the Bagaholicboy facebook account NOW!


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