Picnic@the Bungalow – 9th August 2009

The picnic went off pretty good, with a good turnout and lots of kids running around and enjoying the Bungalow’s facilities.

There was the sandbox, little blow up horses to ride, the trampoline to jump on, Cupcake decorating with the Doodlebug ladies, arts and crafts in the courtyard, storytelling by Ann of the Roving library.  And for the grownups, there were some great vendors to browse through.

There was Chicken and Sausages on the BBQ with hot dog rolls and salad, sandwich rolls, home made cookies and cupcakes and plenty of cold drinks in the ice box.   Lots of parents bought their own picnic too, and enjoyed eating it out on the grass in the open air.

Upstairs, the bento-making proved very popular (thanks Christene!) while there was plenty of mamas helping mamas with learning how to ring sling and what cloth padding is all about – Mama Patch, Jumpsac and Mei’s Mei Tai were in attendance.  (no, the cloth pad making demo didn’t happen, but hopefully next time! I think we were too busy chilling out downstairs).

Thanks to everyone for making it such a success, we hope everyone had a great time and that you’ll want to come to the next one!

Album of photos on our facebook page, click here


5 thoughts on “Picnic@the Bungalow – 9th August 2009

  1. i like the doof bean bags. r they in ur stall or we buy directly from them? actually a bit pricey..but i love them to bits..

    sorry on the day i made a dash-in-dash-out as philip wanted to go-home ;p

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for popping in though!

      You need to purchase from doof directly – their website is http://www.doofindustries.com – they’ll be coming to our next event!

      Actually Doof bags are not pricey compared to equivalent bean bags available overseas. See the Fat Boy beanbags to get what I mean.

      I LOVE my doof bags, so perfect for watching tv (not that i’m doing much of that this month…)

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