Bangsar Village’s Village Grocer goes Plastic Bagless

We love it when there’s less disposable plastic being used.  And we love it even more when initiatives are made by our local businesses to drive down waste and unnecessary.

The very delicious Village Grocer at Bangsar Village will be going no-free plastic bags from 12th August 2009. This means you’ll need to pay for your disposable plastic bag (as you should… those things aren’t free!!).

We salute Village Grocer for this great educating campaign – it’s not easy to go against popular demand for disposable plastic bags (just like doing the right thing is often more difficult than following the crowd).  We hope all of you will support Village Grocer in their bold move!

In conjunction with that, Bangsar Village has kindly allowed us to set up a booth at Bangsar Village from 5th to 25th of August to showcase the beautifully stylish and (extremely) wide ranges of reusable bag options available.

We have our RuMes, Onyabags and Rooshoppers already there, soon we will have the string bags there too.

20% of Tiny Tapir’s sales proceeds will go to the Malaysian Nature Society

A whopping 50% of Tiny Tapir’s sales of the RM15 string bags will go towards Bangsar Village’s Kids for Kids Charity.  You can see the photos of the repurposed Banner totes Bangsar Village made for sale at RM10 each (proceeds to charity), but they sold out in 5 days!  So Tiny Tapir will offer the string bags in their place.

Specials for the booth – purchase any 5 of the bags we have for sale (mix and match between the brands) and you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase

So come support a cause while getting a discount for yourself too!

Come over and discuss on the Tiny Tapir Facebook Fan page


2 thoughts on “Bangsar Village’s Village Grocer goes Plastic Bagless

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