New Grobaby in Stock – at great new prices!

Grobaby have been restocked in all colors plus the new Vanilla Color.

And now with the Vanilla Grobaby with a snaps closure option!

packaged grobaby_vanilla_snaps

New prices for the Grobaby.

Previously Shell sets were RM105, now only RM95

Previously Soaker sets (2 soakers) were RM69, now only RM65

Previously Booster sets (2 boosters) were RM39, now only RM35


Not only that but we now have the Experience Grobaby and Live Grobaby Packages available! You can save up to 16.5% by purchasing the Live Grobaby Package.

Experience Grobaby is for those unsure of the diapering system they want to use, but want to try the Grobaby. You get 2 shell sets + a spare set of 2 soakers – enough to use the grobaby diaper for a whole day (depending on the age of your child) to see whether it suits you or not.

The Live Grobaby Package at RM1,336 is enough to cloth diaper your baby from newborn to potty learning.  You can save up to RM1,600+ more than if you use disposable diapers (calculated at 3 years on disposable diapers using those medium range RM0.50 each disposable diapers).

Same packages are available at our Ampang Park Baby shop – with credit card facilities.  (We don’t have online credit card capabilities yet)


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