Parenthood Fair special – Starbunz Diapers on CLEARANCE

Starbunz Diapers will go for below cost starting at the Parenthood Fair (sale will continue until all are sold out at Tiny Tapir)

Starbunz are fabulous diapers, I just don’t understand why they’re not moving :(, so we have to discontinue the line.  They are really absorbent, beautifully made and very very effective (irregardless of the cute animals) – the leg casings are the best for stopping leaks and Starbunz AIOs are known to be really great night time diapers too.

Check out the listings on Tiny Tapir to read more about Starbunz Cloth Diapers

Starbunz_Cat_Pic-BIGClearance Prices  :

All in Ones – were Rm110, now RM60

Pockets + Insert – were RM117, now RM70 (with Starbunz Cotton Insert) RM55 (no included insert)

Covers – were RM81, now RM60


8 thoughts on “Parenthood Fair special – Starbunz Diapers on CLEARANCE

  1. Are you serious?? That is a great bargain for this super cute diaper. Yea, I too not so sure why the demand for Starbunz diaper getting low. I remembered it was a hit when you first do the give away for the forum.

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    • Anie, you apparently don’t know much about the imported cloth diaper market. We are taking a huge loss on taking in starbunz diapers, we must have taken in about 200 pieces and probably sold about 10 pieces at the rrp, including the low margin given by the manufacturer + the 25% + 10% sales and customs tax from Malaysia + shipping cost from the USA…. we definitely lost a lot of money on retailing starbunz diapers.

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  4. Hi Li,

    I was wondering, are there only the S size? I wish i was ‘there’ when the L and XL. I really need the night time CD now i know both my LOs are super-heavy-wetter. Tired of sposies..

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