Kiwi Pie one size fitteds – NEW

A new super soaker one size fitted. Fitteds are great for night time (pair with a wool or PUL cover) and for heavy wetters during the day.


Use without a cover for some extra breathability!

ALL Kiwi Pie Fitted_450Really beautiful, these one size fitteds are made from a special Bamboo fleece and lycra blend which is beautifully absorbent while being super super stretchy.

Hand made in the USA, there’s great attention to detail, such as all hidden snaps, and two lay in soakers you can use as required to adjust absorbency.

Available in limited numbers only, pop over to the Tiny Tapir online shop to check them out.

7 thoughts on “Kiwi Pie one size fitteds – NEW

  1. wow li, tats gre8t! i’m a fitted junkie n i juz can’t resist prints, makes me drool! U should bring in bunnyfeet n weehuggers as well…more choices for plush designs, organic diapers, and super absorbency..these diapers are way too cute to be covered unless they come with matching prints..hint hint

    • Actually we already have bunnyfeet… ordered almost half a year ago – talk about DRAMA to get them here! listing will be soon….

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