Rumparooz Products – NEW!

The fabulous Rumparooz G2 “pooper scooper” cloth diapers are now almost fully in stock.

Now available with Aplix closures, and also in some really funky patterns.

Every G2 Rumparooz diaper comes with a Microfiber 6R insert set (it’s actually 2 inserts)

Tiny Tapir also has those great Hemp inserts restocked – but now at a fabulous value in the 6R hemp sets. You get two hemp fleece inserts for only RM39 (that’s RM19.50 each! only).  Rumparooz Hemp fleece is really something else and a firm favorite for high quality, super absorbent, long lasting and yet trim inserts.

As with the Microfiber 6R inserts, you’ll get 10% off if you purchase 10 Hemp 6R insert sets.

Link to Rumparooz products in the Tiny Tapir online store


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