Great Reusable Bag Giveaway

Send us a photo of you using your reusable bag, and you will stand a chance to win a set of :

– an Onya Weigh bag set of 8 – valued at RM49

– a Regular RuMe – valued at RM36

– an organic string bag – valued at RM20

Total value RM105 !

One set up for grabs for every 10 entrants.

Only 1 entry per person

Best entry will win RM500 worth of goods

If you’re a Facebook member, comment on the entries to stand the chance to win one of the RM105 sets – we’ll compile all the comments (each comment = 1 entry, so the more you comment the more of a chance you stand!) and randomly select 1 to win a set.

* EXTENDED * Ends on 30th October 2009

pssst… to enter, do any one of these :

– send your photos to tinytapir at gmail dot com

– blog your photo and link this blog entry

– upload the photo on facebook and tag it with the Tiny Tapir Fan page (you’ll need to be a fan first!)

Onya Weigh Large_Turquoise _450600-rume-solids

10 thoughts on “Great Reusable Bag Giveaway

  1. Have been very busy and havent visited here in such a long time..! Not even your online store! The Onya weigh bags are such a lifesaver for people like me who cannot stand the thought that I have to use plastic for those fruits & vege..hmmm i just might join this giveaway..wait ahh.

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