Eco Film Fest 2009

The Eco Film Fest 2009 is running every October weekend at Palette Palette


For a map to the venue and the kind of movies that will be screened for the first time, log on to

Moviegoers who attend the first screening on Oct 4 can indulge in an organic and meatless BBQ at Palate Palette, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur.

For details on the BBQ, go to

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Support the Eco Film Festival 2009 and join in the crusade to save our Earth.

EVER seen a real-life disaster movie? Not a movie based on a real-life disaster, but one about an impending disaster that’s about to hit America and the world.

Dubbed a “toxic comedy”, Everything’s Cool is about a group of self-appointed global warming messengers on a quest to understand why a crisis they see as urgent and terrifying is regarded by their fellow citizens as irrelevant and by their government with apathy.

Their mission is to find a way (be it an iconic image, a perfect frame, a secret language or political hot button) to mobilise people to do something about climate change.

Their challenge is enlightening and educating Americans (hey, this is not me being cynical but straight from the filmmakers at – that is, shifting consumers away from the fuels that have powered the greatest increases in technology, wealth and living standards in history; and their nemesis are recalcitrant politicians, fossil-fuel corporations and right-wing think tanks that are against climate-friendly legislation.

Essentially, the short film explores what it will take to make the United States a world leader in the fight against global warming. It is an optimistic piece, to show the layman how urgent the situation really is without coming off as a harbinger of doom.

Filmmakers Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helf get their message across with wit through this documentary.

“Our goal is to offer a fun, factually accurate, passionate and more-than-timely film that will move our audiences from merely embracing the origin and urgency of climate change, to marshalling the public and political will necessary to create a new energy economy – and hopefully some new clean energy into public office,” the filmmakers explain.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, Everything’s Cool is one of four award-winning films that will be screened at the Eco Film Festival 2009 next month.

Organised by Ecoknights, a non-profit organisation that focuses on educating children about the environment, the festival will also show a feature and two short films about environmental concerns.

Held at Palate Palette, a restaurant-cum-arts space that’s located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the festival will be held every Sunday next month and will also feature a host of activities to educate the public on how to be eco-friendly.

Apart from Everything’s Cool, the other feature and short films that will be screened are Blue GoldThe Woven WaysThe Water Front, The Secret Life Of Cell Phones and The Secret Life Of Paper. All screenings are free. (For a list of screening times, synopsis and short trailer on the films, log on to

“We are very proud to be holding this fest for the second year and we hope that Malaysians from all walks of life will take some time off to watch these films for free,” said Yasmin Rasyid, founder of EcoKnights.

The Eco Film Festival was introduced last year to empower Malaysians to adopt greener habits in their daily lives. Held overa weekend last year, the festival attracted close to 6,000 people.

“Though we had it over just one weekend last year, it was a huge event, and public response was really good. This year, we had to scale it down a lot. The economy has really hit us hard as we could not secure many sponsors, even though we weren’t asking for much.

“But we still have a pretty packed programme and I hope the public will participate in the festival,” said Yasmin.

Visitors to the fest will also be able to see and buy some of the coolest green, made-in-Malaysia products that are affordable, such as mobile solar chargers, handicraft by local indigenous people, and handbags and clutches made from recycled aluminium pull tabs.

“We want to promote small green businesses with their green products and hope that we can open up the minds and eyes of Malaysians to choose greener products and habits.

“In addition, the films that will be premiering are award-winning films and portray real-time environmental issues and scenarios that could potentially affect Malaysians in the near future,” said Yasmin.

For a map to the venue and the kind of movies that will be screened for the first time, log on Moviegoers who attend the first screening on Oct 4 can indulge in an organic and meatless BBQ at Palate Palette, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur. For details on the BBQ, go to


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