Grobaby Biosoakers have landed

Grobaby Biosoakers are finally now here in Asia.

biosoaker in grobaby

The addition of Biosoakers means you are buying a hybrid system with your grobaby diaper, making it even better value for money. You can use cloth when you feel like it and the disposable insert when you’re travelling or going out for a long period of time.

One advantage of the biosoaker + grobaby cover over normal disposable diapers is that you will have the convenience of disposables without the inconvenience of poopy blow-outs. All said and done, a cloth diaper cover is always going to be better at containing messes than a disposable diaper due to there just being more and stronger elastic for better containment with cloth diaper covers than with flimsy disposables.

The biosoaker is not a straight rectangle like most disposable inserts are. Again you’re getting the best quality product with the Natural Baby Co. It’s a contoured insert that fits exactly where it’s needed, with additional leg elastic.

Here’s the full features :

Lining : – Certified natural, 100% Ingeo Spunbound non-woven fabric

Core :- Biodegradable wood pulp fibers, with only 3g of SAP gel (v.s. 10 – 20g in other disposable diapers)

How do Biosoakers stand out from other disposable options ?

Biosoakers have a proprietary biofilm backing that is both waterproof and breathable.
Meets all ASTM 6400 (USA), EU13432 (EU), and BPI standards for biodegradability and commercial compostability.
Biofilm is 100% Natural
Biosoakers have super soft NON latex, elastic leg gussets. Guaranteed to keep messes in their place.
Two biodegradable adhesive areas that allow you to STICK your pad in your Shell. This keeps your soaker pads from shifting and letting the mess get on your Shell.
Plastic FREE, fragrance FREE, dye FREE, chlorine FREE.

Biosoakers hit that perfect spot between convenience of use while still minimizing the impact on the environment far more than any other disposable option.

Check out this great video review of the Grobaby system with the biosoakers on the  Dirty Diaper Laundry blog.

Click here to purchase Grobaby Biosoakers


3 thoughts on “Grobaby Biosoakers have landed

  1. Hi Chin Li, Yes you can use this with other pockets or covers.

    The only thing you should be careful of is whether to use the sticky tabs or not with a pocket or cover that is only a PUL cover (no fabric on the inside). In most cases it’s probably safer just to use the disposable insert without the sticky tabs.

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