Fair Play for Fair Trade

At Tiny Tapir we love Fair Trade, and we love local sports, so Fair Play for Fair Trade, where “a fun sport like futsal as a platform to bring people together and to spread awareness about fair trade. The event is also organised to raise funds for our craftmakers on www.elevyn.com! ”

Anyone can join in the fun – just grab 5 people and sign up to play Futsal on Sun 29th Nov 2009 in the Challenger Sports Center in Petaling Jaya.

In the organizer’s words :

“Registration fee for teams is RM500 (up to a max of 10 players). Our Early Birds promo is RM350 per team (register before 1 November 2009!).

Help spread the word and join us in raising funds to even out the playing field for the less fortunate on Elevyn.com”

I’d be there if I actually knew how to play futsal…



3 thoughts on “Fair Play for Fair Trade

  1. Every bit of Fair Trade helps, no matter how small, plus it helps everyone. That is why Fair Trade Sports, makers of (soccer, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, and more) educate US consumers on the benefits of Fair Trade and the fight against child labor with all of their after-tax profits go to charity.

    If you want to help and learn a little more, then visit Free Trade Sports, visit http://www.fairtradesports.com and you can also make a difference.

    Monica Turley
    Email: monica@fairtradesports.com
    Fair Trade Sports
    ~ Eco-Certified, Fair Trade, Union-Made
    ~ Balls for soccer, football, and more…
    ~ All after-tax profits to children’s charities

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