Natural Baby Co Testers – 5 available!

Hi everyone,

Ugh, been too long without updating this blog!  It’s so much easier to do announcements over on our facebook, but i really need to get into updating the blog more !

Just a quickie :

5 x Natural Baby Co Tester Spots will be launched at 12 noon on Thurs 4/3/10 – To find it, go to “the Natural Baby Co” under the “Makers” drop down menu on our homepage

SO very excited about this. It’s looking to be a fantastic product, I’m so interested to hear people’s response to it. Honestly, it’s like what I feel has always been missing in the market.

Some rules of the game – you’ll need to pay RM30 for the tester slot which covers courier shipping anywhere in Malaysia.  You can only purchase ONE tester each, and you have to have a child who is still being actively diapered.

Good luck everyone!

3 thoughts on “Natural Baby Co Testers – 5 available!

    • hi finaz, it was gone in 5 minutes literally. 🙂 there will be a next time… so do keep up to date on the blog or facebook.

  1. missed the boat!

    btw, do you know what’s wrong with the website?
    i got a database error message since yesterday.

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