No April Foolin’ – SPECIALS!

Tiny Tapir Sdn Bhd is turning 1 year old this month so we are going to have some Rockin’ good times!


ON-GOING – Write a review on and for every review you write get RM2 in credit! Write enough reviews and your order will be free!

The Review special goes on until 30th April 2010 – we will calculate your final count and issue the credit by 1st May 2010.  (sorry, you can’t use the credit for the other specials available during April though)

The GOOD news is – we will increase the credits per review depending on how many facebook fans we have at the end –

If we reach 3,000 fans – RM3 per review

If we reach 4,000 fans – RM4 per review

etc etc

So introduce your friends to us on facebook and everyone wins big!

How to write a review… Search for the product you want to review and just click on “submit review” on the bottom of the page.


The following specials will be effective once we hit the fan numbers on our facebook fan page. These specials are only available online

keep reading…


Active – 1,500 Fans – 30% off Grobaby Version 1s !

Grobaby diaper design was changed slightly to have a slightly higher rise and thicker elastic (if you ask us, the original product was already fantastic, so this just makes it super-fantastic).

The balance of our Grobaby V1 diapers have been pulled back from retailers and taken out of our stores – so they will be here at 30% off once we hit 2,000 fans – that’s an amazing RM66.50 for a Grobaby Organic cotton diaper!


Not yet Achieved – 1,800 Fans – 30% off Dirt Candles !

These Soy Dirt Candles are beautiful – and they smell that way too 🙂 . Subtle, sophisticated scents to soothe your soul, and the organic soy “wax” can be used as a lovely perfumed moisturizer too (just dab some on your neck and you will be smelling heavenly all day long).
And when they are all burned up, you’ll have a lovely high quality water glass to drink out of

Not yet Achieved – 2,100 Fans – 30% off Moby Wraps and Patapum Carriers !

If you’re a baby wearer, you can’t go wrong with these 2 carriers. One is ideal for newborns and small babies, and the other is perfect for older babies.


Not yet Achieved – 2,500 Fans – Buy 1 get 1 free – RuMe and Onya Bags

Amazing deal and perfect for any person who ever uses a plastic bag.

It’s as simple as it says – Buy 1 RuMe or Onya and get the same value of product absolutely free.


I haven’t figured out what we’ll do after 2,500 fans – but you can be sure, if we get there, it will be explosive!

So get cracking, and spread the Tiny Tapir love to your friends! Don’t they deserve to know how cool being green can be?


3 thoughts on “No April Foolin’ – SPECIALS!

    • hi Cindy, we need to hit 1,500 fans on facebook before I can load up the Grobaby V1 at 30% off – please join and get your friends to join our fan page and we’ll be able to list the grobaby very soon!

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