Ergo Carriers – NEW low prices

Tiny Tapir restocked Ergo Baby carriers (finally!) early in March and now we’ve almost sold out of all – I only just managed to get the balance of Ergo Carriers listed online now.

Ergo Baby carriers are available at both our Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur store and in our Bangsar Village store.

Ergo Baby carriers have proved really popular here in Malaysia and for good reason. They are very well made, a favorite design among a lot of babywearing parents, and available at a reasonable price, especially now we have listened to our customers and stocked them in more quantity, we’ve been able to reduce the price to better match the worldwide msrp.

More Ergo Baby Carriers (both organic and non-organic) will only be available in July 2010, so do shop now, we may run out of stock by then…

Great new prices for Ergo –

Ergobaby Sport is only RM379

Non-organic Ergobaby carriers are only RM419 now.

Full range of sucking pads, heart to heart infant inserts, waist extenders, backpacks, front pouches, weather cover, changing pads are also in stock.


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