GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper system launched in Asia

Grobaby has rebranded into GroVia – and this cloth diaper / hybrid system just got a whole lot better (it was good, now it’s great!)

The GroVia Difference (shell sets)

  • GroVia shells rise are 1/2 inch higher than the GroBaby version 2, and 1 inch higher than GroBaby version 1 – addressing what customers want – for the GroVia to fit longer!
  • GroVia soakers are now 6 layers Organic Cotton, have Leg gussets and wonderful TPU (waterproof) backing – this means even more absorbency, and dry mesh inners of the GroVia covers – yet again, addressing customer concerns.
  • GroVia shell sets no longer come with a booster included – not necessary with the boosted absorbency of the newly designed GroVia soakers

Still the SAME great value – even better in fact as the prints and snaps are no longer more expensive than solids (everything’s RM95.00 per shell set).

Same fabulous Experience and Live sets to save you if you’re looking for complete stashes

And now offered in Malaysia the GroVia Hybrid Test Drive package where you get 2 x GroVia shells (no cotton soakers) and 1 box of 50 x legendary biosoakers for 20% off the full retail price.   This is a great way for those who don’t want too much laundry to still do 1/2 cloth diapering (No blowouts from disposable diapers ever again!).

Look for more exciting things to come from GroVia – coming VERY soon to Malaysia.

GroBaby / GroVia have converted a whole ton of Malaysian parents to cloth or hybrid diapering for their babies, with their high quality materials, great design, organic cotton inners, super sweet designs and money saving functionality – it’s hard to beat the GroVia as a starter set for anyone who’s ever considered cloth diapering.

Have you considered giving them a try?

Now available at Tiny Tapir Baby shops in Bangsar Village and Ampang Park, and of course, online.


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