Live GroVia Package – CHARITY AUCTION

TinyTapir is holding a Charity Auction in aid of a 6-year-old refugee girl, who requires urgent medical attention after being assaulted by a Malaysian man. We are trying to raise at least RM3,500 to help her!

Current highest bid is RM650 as of today!

This Auction will end on Wed 16th March 2011 at 11am.  Whoever has the highest price “bid” at that time will win the Auction.

The way it works : 

  1. If you would like to bid on this auction, please put it in your cart and purchase it.
  2. In the comment section state the maximum Malaysian Ringgit Price / USD Price (please specify which, we’ll translate it) you are willing to bid
  3. Every day, we will update the maximum price on this listing
  4. Losing bid orders will be deleted daily
  5. Only the highest bidder at the auction close date will be contacted to pay

The good things about this auction for you : 

  1. You can choose to include ALL Grovia prints we have in stock (including new ones), and you can choose either / or / a combination of Aplix and Snaps
  2. This Auction is open WORLDWIDE 
  3. Shipping will be FREE WORLDWIDE (please take into account shipping times if you are outside Malaysia)


The Cause : (long but PLEASE take the time to read it)

Solihah is a 6-year old refugee girl who lives in Malaysia with her family and extended family and community. Her dad helps out at the market for a meagre pay.

In Malaysia, if you are a refugee, you do not have the right to legal employment or have access to public school education.

One day Solihah was playing on the balcony of the tiny shoplot she lives in, and accidentally spat on the car of a Malaysian man.

The man, who saw the incident, went upstairs to her house, and slapped her across the face. Solihah’s older sister who was in the house at the time, ran down the hall to get their aunt.

When the aunt and sister came running back 2 minutes later, the man was beating Solihah senseless – kicking and slapping her frail 6-year old frame. Her aunt tried her very best to stop the man, and he did – 10 minutes later. By that time, Solihah was on the floor, unconscious and blue black.

Members of the community then came to her rescue, after hearing all the commotion, and the Malaysian man, surrounded and probably realized he was outnumbered, apologized, said he lost his temper. So they called Solihah’s dad from the market and along with the Malaysian man, brought her to the nearby general public hospital.

The Malaysian man promised to pay for the hospital bills and also compensation. But after that, he disappeared.

The dad was left with the hospital bill of RM500. To a refugee family with no steady income, and barely enough to pay rent or put food on the table, RM500 might as well be RM5000.

Now, Solihah is back at home with her family, but is puking every several hours, and has these dizzy and fainting spells. She needs urgent medical care. She also needs an MRI as well as a CT scan. But because she is a refugee, she is waitlisted for services at the hospital.

The target is to raise RM3,500 for Solihah to cover her urgent medical expenses.  We sincerely hope at Tiny Tapir to be able to contribute meaningfully towards that and hope you will be generous in bidding for this auction.

Bid in the Live Grovia Package – Charity Auction >>


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