March is Education Month @ Ibu!

MARCH IS EDUCATION MONTH AT IBU! Come listen to fabulous talks about educational financial planning, teaching social skills, building creativity, emotional intelligence, holistic development and positive behavioural strategies. Also talks by Australian school and Nexus school.

Wednesday 23rd March @ 930am | Teaching Social Skills by Brenda Boehm

A talk on what can be expected of young children and how we can teach social skills.

Wednesday 23rd March @ 11am | Various Intelligences by Michele Sagan

A talk on the Various Intelligences (emotional etc) in children and the importance of this today’s world with various stresses

Great prizes to be won if you attend any of the talks! The more talks you attend the bigger the chance you stand to win! Simply enter your name into the hat and at the end of the month, we will pick the lucky family who gets to be on the cover of the May Bonda! A great souvenir for friends and family. Maids are welcome to watch over kids while you listen. Please RSVP to


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