ibu hosts Edu Talks For Parents – 30th March

Quick reminder about the ibu educational talks going on this Wednesday!

9.30am, Wednesday 30th March
Extending Exceptional Student Learning by David Kilpatrick (AISM Principal)
Mr Kilpatrick will speak on holistic education (sports, performing arts, creative, etc) and making sure children benefit from a robust learning environment. Parents today need to know how to encourage and provide opportunities for children to extend their learning.

11am, Wednesday 30th March
Building Creativity by Michele Sagan (Insight Kids)
Building creativity in children not only in terms of arts and craft but through music and movement, thinking out of the box through creativity exercises (we can send samples which have been very effective), role play, drama, speech, puppet theatre and more!

Please email your interest to ibu@ibufamily.org to book your seat! Maids are welcome to watch over kids while you listen.


2 thoughts on “ibu hosts Edu Talks For Parents – 30th March

  1. Assalamualaikum and hai.

    My name is Sharifah Natasha Syed Abdul Jalil and i am degree student from earlychildhood in my university(Management Science University). I would like to enquire whether student can join it for gain more knowledge for future. If can, can I know how?

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