Introducing … The Cinch

Postpartum wrap, hip-shaper and back support – The Cinch is the wrap that does it all! Doctors and midwives approve of its functions and comfort, celebs favor it for its beauty and style.

The Cinch is especially crafted to motivate new moms to get back to their healthy shapes with a single wrap. The Cinch Tummy Wrap focuses on the stomach with its function and added support of the double wings. With the inner measuring feature, new moms are uplifted by seeing their progress and results. The sophisticated design offers new moms a luxurious feel and new confidence. This concept of blending beauty of the arts with scientific functions heighten Cinch’s originality: Support • Enhance • Tone

Ideal for New Moms after Natural or C-Section & Post Abdominal Surgery.

We have The Cinch Signature in stock now, available in Cool Grey. You can either buy it ‘Just For Me’ at RM315, or get the ‘Gift It, Love It’ Gift pack for a loved one at RM340 – it comes in a lovely garment bag and hanger – so you don’t need to worry about gift-wrapping!


“After 38 years of caring for pregnant women, I have seen so many bellies. Most women after their pregnancy have a hard time losing the baby weight. Their bellies tend to become saggy and have some appearance of stretch marks. On the contrary, I have noticed new moms who bind their bellies after pregnancy tend to have tighter bellies, fewer stretch marks and faster recovery. I have always recommended my patients to wrap their bellies after pregnancy. Many who follow my recommendations have remarkable results. Those who didn’t thought wrapping was too difficult and uncomfortable. Since I found The Cinch postpartum wrap, most of my patients love it. They love its comfort and the results. The Cinch postpartum wrap is an amazing product because it is not only easy and comfortable to wear, but it also motivates new moms to lose their baby weight. The measuring feature on The Cinch wrap literally tells new moms their progress each week. The Cinch definitely will be successful in helping new moms lose weight because they will actually try it and use it. This is a natural and safe way for women to get back to their healthy shape.”

– Dr. Connie H., O.M.D., PHD (M.D. Ob-GYN)


“I just got The Cinch, it’s AWESOME! It’s really great quality…it’s easy to adjust and put on, it stays in place nicely (I was worried about that since I have big hips, my measurements prepregnancy were 34-26-40 so stuff like that tends to ride up and scrunch up, but this one doesn’t at all, plus I can even adjust it so the Velcro is a little crooked and therefore makes it wider on the bottom so that’s definitely great for us girls with wide hips and big butts…) The Velcro on the outside lets you adjust it nicely after putting it on, I can sit with it comfortably (makes you sit up nice and straight, lol). I am definitely very happy I spent the money on it.”

– Cutie NYC, BabyCenter member


“I get asked on a daily basis, both online and offline, how I bounced back so fast, and with full term twins to boot. I attribute 5% of it to luck, and 95% to your product ‘The Cinch’, which was bought for me as a gift, by my wonderful husband, (He found you online himself, in the last weeks of my pregnancy). I’m not a celebrity with personal trainers, etc., so that makes it even more impressive to people, so I wanted to write you about this. So many people I meet while I am out, are interested in my story, and knowing what I used. They can’t believe I just had twins, they think I’m the nanny, or a relative. It’s quite funny!”

– Michelle

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5 thoughts on “Introducing … The Cinch

  1. hi, I’m from Malaysia, I’d like to buy the Cinch, I gave birth on 5 Jan 2012 via C section.. can I wear The cinch immediate?

    My tummy size is 36inch
    height: 165cm or 5’5 fit
    weight: 65kg b4 pregnancy 60kg


    • Hi Santhi! Congratulations! And yes you can use the Cinch after a C-section, but you may want to check with your ob/ gynae on the timing – you can use it slightly loose at first, and then tighten slighlty as your c-section area heals.

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