More Zoobies = More Fun!

So we’ve got good news, better news and the best news for your Wednesday yet!

Good news – We’ve re-stocked your fave Regular Zoobies like Furbie The Feline, Tama The Tortoise, Taj The Tiger and Hada The Hippo!

Better news – We’ve got NEW designs in; Caliel the Camel, Lola the Lamb, Puddles the Pig, Zulu the Zebra, Flavio the Frog, Storytime Pals (Peter Rabbit & Spot), and new Baby Zoobies that now come with oh-so-cute polka dot blankets and teethers!

The Best News Ever – We’re now able to offer you these goodies at a much lower price! RM95 for Baby Zoobies (previously RM105) and RM115 for Regular Zoobies (previously RM135). How cool is that? 😉

Click to view our collection of Zoobies >>


4 thoughts on “More Zoobies = More Fun!

  1. Hi Fatin.

    We will bring any old design zoobies we have left to the fair to clear at the same price they’re available online.

    Also we might have some slightly “repaired” 2nds zoobies available and discount during the fair.

    But new designs / newest zoobies will not be on discount

  2. Hi,

    I would like to buy Kojo, Spot and Peter Rabbit. Found out last year you went to 30% on zoobies. Was hoping you’d do the same this year. Plish plish plishhhh..

    Also, any promo on Ergo?

    • Hi !

      Last year the Zoobies was on clearance for old and discontinued / slightly seconds zoobies, not for the new ones.

      Right now we’re only having a clearance on the old design Baby & Jumbo Zoobies!

      No promos on ERGO at the moment, sorry 🙂

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