Paul Penders – Natural Skin & Hair Care!

TUCKED away in a quiet corner of the quaint island of Langkawi is the international headquarters of an award-winning natural skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Dutchman Paul Penders. A self-confessed environmentalist and avid animal rights activist, he is adamant that beauty, and for that matter success in business, should never be achieved at the expense of anyone or anything. The base of all Paul Penders products is a concentrated extract of 22 herbs obtained from various parts of the world, called LevensESSENTIEGold.  

Paul Penders products are made in small quantities using cold-blended technology and they are free from chemicals, artificial colours, chemical foam boosters, emulsifiers, perfumes, petroleum-based ingredients and preservatives!

Do check out the Paul Penders range for face, body, hair and even baby at Tiny Tapir!

Paul Penders Skin Care >>

Paul Penders Body Care >>

Paul Penders Hair Care >>

Paul Penders Baby Care >>


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