Baby Nari Hip-Huggers!

If you have a kid who likes to be picked up and put down repeatedly, Baby Nari Baby Hip hugger is The PERFECT SOLUTION! It allows our kids to walk, get picked up and put down to walk again without too much fuss! Click here to view >>

 Mama V’s Review of the Baby Nari HipHugger :

“I was sent the Toddler sized Baby Hip Hugger from the Baby Nari company to review.  From the moment I opened the package, I was impressed.  It came in this super cute box (pictured above) perfect for a baby shower gift or simply as a great item to “spoil” yourself with.
The Baby Hip Huggers are available in infant and toddler sized carriers.  The infant sized one is meant for those little cuties that are able to sit up on their own through 10 months of age or a maximum of 22 lbs.  The toddler sized hip hugger is meant to be used with toddlers aged 10 months through 36 months or up to 40 lbs.  I love the wide variety of colors that Baby Nari has to offer in these hip huggers.  They have a pink, blue, and several neutrals colors if you plan on having a boy and a girl, which I surely am planning on.
When I first put on and tried out the hip hugger, I thought that it was going to be so complicated to figure out. I was completely wrong.  They are simply placed on using velcro to easily adjust to your size and a simple “click” of the belt.  (Just like a fanny pack would be put on.)  Here would be a good place to note that these carriers are made to fit a 40″ waist or smaller.  I would suggest that Baby Nari look into making the hip huggers a bit bigger for those that have a bigger waist than 40 inches. 
Tyler loves being held, but he is just getting so heavy.  The hip hugger eliminates the weight that I would normally have holding him, which is a huge plus.  Yes, I still need to hold him so that he doesn’t fall, so it isn’t completely hands free, but it is very nice for simply walking around and doing light house work without the extra weight of your child.
The other big plus with the hip hugger are the many pockets.  The pocket in the front (as shown) is big enough to hold a few diapers and some wipes for those times when you are out and a diaper change is necessary.  There is also a small pocket on the other side to hold keys or a cell phone or anything else that you might be carrying along with you.
All in all, I love my Baby Nari Hip Hugger.  My arm doesn’t get tired from his weight and I am still able to hold and comfort Tyler and get things done around the house.  ”


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