Isabooties go on SALE!

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love your product. We get compliments everywhere we go. Aside from how cute they are, I love the non-slip bottom. Your shoes seem to be the only soft-soled shoes that have that great feature. They’re easy for me to get on my daughter, and impossible for her to get off. We got the chocolate fleurs for her in the 3-6 month size, and when she grew out of them, we had to get the next size up. They simply go with every outfit. Thank you, IsaBooties, for creating a trendy alternative to Robeez and Bobux.
A very happy customer —Joanna, Post Falls, ID

IsaBooties™ really stay on! I have very active twin boys, and with other shoes, I was constantly searching for missing shoes and socks. With IsaBooties™, the boys couldn’t pull them off! Thank you, IsaBooties™!
— Jen, mom of Braden and Jack, Ashburn, Va.


After a good 7 years, Isabooties has decided to close their business !

We’re doing a clearance sale on our remaining Isabooties, starting today they will be 30% off – RM69.30 (RRP RM99).

 Isabooties are 100% Machine Washable & Dryable, will not fade, shrink, crack or break down over time and are scuff resistant.

Tops are Ultrasuede, which is Vegan, Cooler and more breathable than Leather (perfect for humid steamy Malaysia)

Bottoms or Soles are made from Toughtek, a 100% Polyester Gripping fabric with a rubber outercoating. It retains its non-slip quality in both wet and dry conditions while still being flexible for babies to mimic barefoot walking. This is the same material used for booties for search & rescue dogs and in mountaineering gear.

Easy to pull on, hard for little ones to figure out how to get off.

Made in Colarado, USA.

Click to get shoppin’ >>


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